The Gospa Arts Foundation is the result of an inspiration from a group of people moved by the desire to evangelize. Evangelizing in the 21st century, taking advantage of all the new technologies and all the different channels of information that we have in these times to spread the Faith: Social Networks, online distribution, audiovisual production, and online streaming…

If Saint Paul and other greats of history used parchment paper and oral speeches to spread the word, now in this new age of communications we can use digital cameras and the Internet to spread God’s presence and Christian values in a globalized world, through mobile devices.

Without any goal of profiting, we seek to investigate, collect and distribute stories forged between Man and God, inspired by the message given by Saint Pope John Paul II more than 30 years ago a New Evangelization is taking place: «New in its ardor, methods and expression. » (Saint Pope John Paul II, March 9, 1983, Port-au-Prince – Haiti).

The Gospa Arts Foundation is supported by donations that have tax benefits of up to 75%. Visit our website: