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Since 1858 a small village has been the travel destination of millions: men and women with all types of physical and mental ailments and diseases travel on their own, even some times carried by others; arrive on a pilgrimage to the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes.
These pilgrimages continue to this day, however none of these pilgrimages have never been recorded from the inside and live.Lourdes:
The hands of the Our Lady shows an amazing reality in which the beauty of giving ourselves to others, helps ease the harshness of a life ravaged by disease, with dignity and love. Even through illness and disability , there is still much to offer the world, albeit paradoxical.

El proyecto

                                                                     How did we do it?

We have made a documentary without a script. How? Placing several cameras with four different pilgrim groups. We placed our cameras inside the buses that take the patients to Lourdes and we also placed cameras at the hospital where those patients are staying and we recorded everything that could be recorded, as if it were a reality show .
The real-time recordings themselves have given us the script afterwards. What happens from those doors inwards is a mixture of broken humanity with living hope. The result after more than three years of work is difficult to explain, it can only be defined by one word: Hospitalarios.

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“Lourdes: The hands of Our Lady is a documentary that makes you want to be a better person. It gives you faith to believe in Humanity””

Tamara Falcó Preysler

Fashion designer

“«Lourdes: The hands of Our Lady reaches deeply into the heart. ‘being moved by watching it’ are inaccurate words. It is much more than that!».

María Vallejo-Nágera


«Lourdes: The hands of Our Lady is an emotional journey to seek joy in generosityes counter-cultural acultural recipe that works”.

Juan Manuel Cotelo

Film Director

-Gospa Arts-

The Gospa Arts Foundation is the result of an inspiration from a group of people moved by the desire to evangelize. Evangelizing in the 21st century, taking advantage of all the new technologies and all the different channels of information that we have in these times to spread the Faith: Social Networks, online distribution, audiovisual production, and online streaming…

If Saint Paul and other greats of history used parchment paper and oral speeches to spread the word, now in this new age of communications we can use digital cameras and the Internet to spread God’s presence and Christian values in a globalized world, through mobile devices.

Without any goal of profiting, we seek to investigate, collect and distribute stories forged between Man and God, inspired by the message given by Saint Pope John Paul II more than 30 years ago a New Evangelization is taking place: «New in its ardor, methods and expression. » (Saint Pope John Paul II, March 9, 1983, Port-au-Prince – Haiti).


The Gospa Arts Foundation is supported by donations that have tax benefits of up to 75%. Visit our website: https://www.gospaarts.org

In Gospa Arts Foundation there are many ideas that we have on the table and that aspire to become a Project to evangelize. Therefore, knowing the challenge of each of these ideas and the immense good that can be done through them, we already work on some, shaping them with all that work that is not seen in a film or documentary: the pre production. That they come true and see the light depends in a very important part of the economic support of our patrons, who provide their help either through specific donations or periodic direct debits. Can you help us?
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©2019. Gospa Arts.

Todos los derechos reservados